How to Wear Earth Tones

Earth tones like beiges and browns have risen to popularity in the past couple of years taking over the in beauty and fashion scene with simple and sleek colour blocking in earthy tones to create a new wave trend of what is considered chic, sophisticated and glamorous. Figures such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West created and popularised earth tones using the hues in combination with colour blocking and minimalism creating beauty trends and fashion looks that have influenced not only the beauty and fashion industry at large but which trickles down- whether we realize it or not – into what clothes we buy, the makeup we wear for work and out and about, to the way we take selfies.

Earth tones have been inspiring what we wear forever – literally. Think of indigenous tribes who have been using the earth’s elements and tones in art and to paint their bodies since the beginning of time. Earth tones also came back into fashion in a big way in the 60s with designers like YSL and Dior creating entire collections around the palate. Weaving earthy hues into highly structural couture pieces, earth tones became the height of effortless sophistication. This also rolled into earth tones becoming iconically popular in the 70s. Textiles centered on earth tones to create a back-to-the-earth explosion at a time where movements like the fight for civil rights in America as well as environmentalism rising to the forefront of politics and culture with folk lore looks and bohemian fashion fusing together to define the decade of the 70s entirely.

What Are Earth Tones?

It’s pretty much as simple as it sounds. Earth tones are a colour palette inspired by nature. The earthy colours that makeup soil and stone formations – oranges, browns, beige and tans, greys and even whites. Additionally mossy and forest yellows and greens.

How Do I Wear Earth Tones?

2015-2017 saw earth tones redefine trends around what is glam, sophisticated, professional and sexy. In 2018 earth tones are fashionable and easy to wear for any occasion whether that’s a work, a party or gig, a date, or out with family. We’ve created a lookbook using all vintage and retro pieces from Uturn Vintage Clothing to show you that tapping into this trend doesn’t mean you have to be Kim K or own an amazing couture YSL piece, and that no matter your event or your style, you can work earth tones into your wardrobe!










Written, styled and shot by Lexi Laphor

Model: Bonnie Elvin

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