Upcycle Your Gear

How many times have you found something you love at a second-hand store that’s too big, too small, or is simply missing the ever elusive je ne sais quoi?

How many times have you torn a hole in your favourite jeans or cardi?

How many times have you stained your top running out the door toast in mouth & coffee in hand while struggling to find your keys?

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and we as consumers can do a lot to change this by changing the way we shop as well as adapting how we treat our clothing after a few wears.

With a simple crafternoon (our favourite thing) you can personalise, customise or mend your clothes & accessories making them feel fun & fresh, keeping them away from landfill.


Repair your ripped denim

Not all rips are intentional, when a bend and snap doesn’t go your way, we know those feels. Here’s a tutorial from Honestly WTF that takes away all our woes.


Fluffy Foot Forward

Why in the Crayola 64 f**k would you ever choose beige shoes over shoes with colourful accents? Honestly WTF is at it again with this tutorial adding pom poms to shoes.
And while we are at we give thanks to our good friend Janae for consistently providing us with laughs while using Crayola references. We love you.



From Bland to Bold

Crisp white has it’s place but we like to add colour to anything and everything. Go from bland to bold with Lana Red Studio’s tutorial on how to add a painterly print to favourite plain pieces.


All Patched Up

Add patches to your elbows, while learning a new craft in the meantime. See how with this tutorial from the ever creative Karen Barbe. CWA would be proud. 


  1. Borrowed from the boys

But never to be returned! Update a men’s shirt into a cute skirt and top combo following our girl Annika Victoria’s how to video here.

We hope you enjoyed our little edit, and you find yourself crafting and DIYing this long weekend!
#UDIY to show us how you went with your projects, we can’t wait to see them.

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