Upcycle Your Gear – Round 2

Chia Pet

In winter I’m the girl with a ladder in her stocking. Why is the timing always so… ‘perfect’?

Instead of chucking damaged hosiery into the bin and sending it off to landfill, why don’t you use them for Chia Pet’s? Creating one of these little buddies is not only sustainable, they’ll get the creative juices flowing, they’ll help purify your home and best of all bring a smile to your face.

Follow the step by step instructions by She Knows here.





If you don’t fancy yourself as a green thumb how about using your old tights and nylons to create a beautiful garland to decorate your home, workspace or event? You’re not limited by hosiery to create garland either, use old sheets, t-shirts, shirts, jeans other fabric you have around the house that needs a new purpose.

Follow these simple instructions by Lovely Wren over on the Dream a Little Bigger site here.

Source Dream a Little Bigger



Denim Storage Bags

I never have enough storage. Ever. But I always have jeans that don’t fit me quite right. Instead of keeping them for ‘one day when…’ or simply throwing them out, I’ve found a way to use them in a practical and pretty way.

It takes approximately 9,000 litres of water to make one single pair of jeans. The more ways to upcycle. The BETTER!

Follow these simple instructions by Curly Made and help save the world at the same time.




Sentimental Lunch Bags

I love my food, and I love my wardrobe full of clothes. Mostly I love finding ways to combine those things. Lunch date anyone?

Another way to combine those two loves is to use your favourite printed shirt or t-shirt and create a cool lunch bag with some sentimental value.

Follow the how-to guide over at Upcycle That.



Upcycled Ottoman

Go on. Take a load off. That is after you’ve created this awesome upcycle ottoman. Firstly, choose the materials you wish to upcycle or hunt some down at your local second hand store. Old rugs or sturdy materials like woven placemats, towels or denim will do the trick, remembering they need to have a bit of grit to survive lounging on. Then, simply follow these awesome instructions by Upcycle That and you’ll soon be on your way to the interiors magazine life.


If you have and upcycle project you want to share, send it to us at info@uturn.com.au or use #UDIY. We’d love to see what you create.

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