Meet the crew: IRESH

In today’s fashion and consumer climate, with so many brands and options available, making environmentally conscious decisions when you’re out and about can be hella confusing! Uturn employee and fashionista, Iresh, knows the struggle, and is out to make old, new again, helping the environment (and your moral-conscious) one step at a time. Take a look at what she had to say as part of our blog series!

Growing up, Iresh credits her family and friends for her funky taste in fashion. “I vaguely remember my grandma and auntie taking me once a year to buy some new clothes from the street markets.” Iresh’s best friend Enea and his twin cousins were also a big influence on Iresh’s fabulous style, “because the twins were older than me, every year I would inherit a load of their outworn clothes which I remember being the most exciting thing in the world, and every clothing piece would arrive in two different colours which I thought was so cool!” Iresh has had a long-time love for 90’s fashion owning her first pair of new, Eminem inspired baggy jeans at the age of 12. “ [I] went through a bit of a crisis where I started listening to Eminem and I desperately wanted baggy jeans. I had those jeans till about 2 years ago.”

With her father and grandfather both being professional artists, Iresh’s family have always encouraged her to be creative, sharing their deep love of art with her from a young age. At 17 years old, Iresh moved to Bondi with her mum. After leaving their lives behind in Milan, Iresh quickly fell in love with Sydney, attending local music and art events, “It was was really special to me to see the interest that people had towards emerging artists, because, in Italy, I saw the same passion only towards classic art.”

Iresh’s thriving passion for art has led to one of her proudest achievements, Stayfly. After meeting French artist, MAYBE, Iresh was inspired to connect with other local female artists and developing a number of works which were entered at the Ambush Gallery. The exhibition drew in large crowds and signified the beginning of Stayfly. Stayfly aims to encourage young women to utilise their ideas and creativity in a supportive space. “I think initiatives like Stayfly definitely help to bring women together by creating a collective desire to collaborate in projects where each person is valued for what they contribute to. It’s beautiful to see a group of women being so different and so talented and being so committed to embracing each other and learn to appreciate aspects of others performances and art.”

Working at Uturn has allowed Iresh’s creativity to continue to flourish, as her love for art and fashion come together in a sea of vintage and contemporary apparel. Iresh loves dressing up her customers with garments from all eras, and helping them find a piece of clothing that they’ll cherish forever. “What Uturn offers is INDIVIDUALITY because every single item we sell has a story behind [it] and everything is authentic to it’s purpose. You would most likely fall in love with one garment and chances are you will hold onto it for a long time, [as] opposed to fast-fashion items which you may just need for that season.” Iresh is a big believer in environmental sustainability and takes pride in Uturn’s strong stance on the issue, “I don’t think all the people that shop at Uturn necessarily know the amazing impact they are contributing by recycling… I feel lucky to work in a shop that promotes recycling and creates awareness of sustainability” Iresh has noticed a change in herself since understanding and promoting Uturn’s environmentally friendly initiatives, quitting cigarettes years ago and starting her journey into veganism over the past year, Iresh hopes that her love of art and funky fashion will inspire others to become more environmentally conscious.

To find out more about the Uturn mission, check out our philosophy page, or chat to one of our inspiring team members, instore today. Find us in Newtown, Surry Hills, Rozelle, Bondi Beach and Marrickville. Stay tuned for more blogs on some more of our Uturn fashion moguls.

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