How to make your clothes go a little further.

Eco-fashionista’s – unite. This read is for you!

Making your clothes go that little bit further is the first step to building your sustainable wardrobe and will move you right away from the gloomy business that is fast fashion. Not only will it save you money, you will also be saving the world, one pair of hot-pants at a time.

There are many things we can do and habits we can adopt to reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to clothing and we have the ‘how-to’ below. 👇

1. Buy quality & Do your research

There are a ton of free resources available to Australian Shoppers to help you find ethical and sustainable brands (so you can purchase guilt-free)! Ethical Clothing Australia is an accreditation body that works with local textile, clothing and footwear brands within Australia to ensure their supply chains are legal, ethical and completely transparent. They have a super useful online directory of brands available, so be sure to check it out before making your next purchase. #ShopSustainably

And for International brands head to Good on You.

2. Take care of your clothing

Maybe that top button has come off, you’ve split your pants or a stitch has come loose? Before jumping out to purchase a replacement, consider how you can mend or fix your beloved item first. Dig out a mini sewing kit (maybe one you have from that recent hotel stay?),  find a spare 20 minutes and have a go at mending your item.

And, if your sewing skills aren’t up to scratch, you can always check out Youtube or ask just ask Nan. 🧑‍🦳

PRO TIP: wash your clothes on a cold cycle, not only does it prolong their life, it will also keep your electricity bill down. Double WIN!

3. Upcycle

Have we mentioned tie-dye is back? Well it is and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend the weekend with some mates, kicking back with Triple J, a few cold ones and dying some old threads!

PLUS there are endless other ways to re-invent something to make it on-trend, look brand-spanking new or simply to repurpose for another look. Did you know an old t-shirt can make the perfect tote bag?

To check out what you can do, here’s some handy resources:
DIY Tie Dye
20 Ways to Repurpose Old Clothing

4. Resell

Re-selling your clothes that no longer fit (thanks COVID!) or are no longer wanted can be super easy and FUN when you’re doing it with a mate, partner, roommate or sibling. Here are some effortless ways to get rid of your old clothes and make some extra cash to spend on weekend margaritas (if you will!). 

Use an App:
Depop: an easy-peasy, tried and tested app where you upload and sell your unwanted clothes to a marketplace of users. To find out more, head to Depop.

Sell online:
Using online auction websites like Ebay, Amazon or Etsy are simple ways to make a listing and find a buyer. You can even try Facebook Marketplace Groups, just be sure to stick to the rules and post in the right groups.

Local Markets:
Round up some friends, and your trunks of unwanted clothes and make a day to hit the local markets and sell your goodies. Make sure you bring some change along too!
To find the Sydney market near you, click here.

5. Donate

The most humanitarian way to make your clothes go a little further, is to donate. Charities such as Vinnies, The Salvation Army and Dress for Success take all kinds of clothing donations. You can take the hassle out of trying to repurpose or sell your unwanted goods  by simply bagging them up and dropping them off at your local store* or a clothing bin. Plus it feels good to give back!

To find out more about these charities and what you can and can’t donate see below:
St Vincents
The Salvation Army
Dress for Success

*Be sure to check out each charity’s opening hours and donation accepting terms BEFORE dropping them off.

6. Clothes swap

Clothes swapping events are now more popular than ever. It’s a thrifty way to update your wardrobe without hitting the shops and maxing out the credit card. The Clothing Exchange hosts around four events throughout the year (Sydney, Melbourne & Tassie), where you can purchase a ticket, attend the event and get swapping. They also host corporate events and school fundraisers. To find out more about The Clothing Exchange head here.

And if large clothing swap events aren’t for you, host your own! Get your extended circle of friends and host a clothing swap night at your place or start a clothing swap wardrobe in the office (management approval might be required*). Tips for hosting a clothes swap can be found here.

We’re all about slow fashion, getting bang for your buck and helping others/the environment where we can. Making your clothes go further for the win!


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