To the Max: 80’s Trend Edit

Whether you grew up in the 80’s or simply fantasize about that time, there are a few iconic trends that we absolutely adore. The 80’s was the decade of mixtapes and amazing movies, but also a pretty huge moment in fashion history. Whether you drool or cringe when thinking of the 80s you have to respect the audacity of such a bold fashion era.  We’re a big fan of the 80’s and here are some of our fav 80s inspired pieces that circulate our Uturn stores.

Animal Prints

Living in the 80’s the fashion was flamboyant and fierce. You can guarantee that those in this era had worn at least one animal print accessory to top off their outfit. Commonly believed to give power to the wearers, animal prints symbolised passion and prowess as well as luxury and status. Zebra prints and leopard prints dominated the 80s interspersed with lot of leather leather, snake and alligator skin pieces. Clothing was scattered with animal motifs. Tropical birds, jaguars, anything that expressed the seductive idea of liberation and power.

Scrunchies, Scarfs and anything with Lace or Ruffles

We can’t talk about the 80s with out talking about hair. The trend was more is more and the bigger the better. This wasn’t just exclusively bad perms and home crimping, but also adding texture and volume through fashion accessories like scrunchies, bows, scarfs and rufflly or lacey frills. Whether you were heading out on the town or hitting up the gym,  hair accessories in bright bold colours and prints was a must do.

Neon, Neon and more Neon

Neon was a signature trait of 80’s youth culture with jarring hi-vis neon colours piercing through mainstream greys. Bright colours and lots of layering was brought to you by MTV and the entertainment industry, being inspired by the urban and hip hop youth culture of New York and LA, invading living rooms around the western world. Neon colours symbolised resilience, resistance and also a wave of new hope among the people with a change and increased trust in government authority, a lifting recession and new openness to the future after pushing through the 70s.

High Waisted Mum Jeans

Denim was unstoppable in the 80s and we still love it today. Back in the 80s high waisted mum jeans were all that. Think Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club or Madonna on the streets of NYC. Denim was a trend that no matter what socio-economic background you came from you could look rock it out and look effortlessly fabulous. It was punk, it was preppy, it was anything you wanted it to be and we still can’t get enough Levi in our wardrobes today.

Leg Warmers and High Cut Leotards

Whichever generation you were born in, we’re sure you’ve heard of leg warmers and impossibly high cut leotards. Originally worn by dancers, the aerobic trend became highly popularised among not only youth culture but also amoungst the elderly, proving that fun fashion is for everyone! With many celebrities releasing exercise classes on VHS combined with the physical comfort of stretchy fabrics, spandex became a huge fashion trend and has stuck around today particularly within festival fashion!

Whether you’re an 80s veteran or fan club member, there’s one thing we all have in common – we love the energetic and bold vibes that 80s fashion invokes. Check out our awesome vintage 80s power pieces and take a turn back in time!

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